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Discover how brands and agencies are using Relative Insight to transform their understandings of target audiences, customers and employees

Latest Study

Developing localized advertising campaigns through survey analysis

23 Mar 22

Brand, Marketing & Digital

Developing localized advertising campaigns through survey analysis

23 Mar 22

Analysis on the global opioid crisis

23 Apr 21

Let’s talk about bodies: how millennials and gen Z view theirs

16 Apr 21

Analysing discourse from multiple channels about domestic violence

07 Apr 21

Comparing NFL fan conversations in the UK and US

06 Apr 21

What makes cruise passengers unique?

01 Apr 21

Analysing the social media output from five burger brands

25 Mar 21

Comparing social media strategies of the big three gaming brands

19 Mar 21

How do charities use specific language to mobilise donations?

10 Mar 21

Customer Experience & Sales

Do brand FAQs actually answer frequently asked questions?

23 Feb 21

How to create best in class customer support on Twitter

23 Feb 21

Comparing customer reviews of coffee shop chains to improve CX

18 Feb 21

Analyzing airline reviews during COVID to track the quality of their customer service

26 Jan 21

Comparing high and low scoring live chat transcripts to inform customer service strategy

06 Jan 21

How a fashion brand analysed survey data to shape in-store customer experience

10 Dec 20

HR & Internal Comms

Discovering disparity between employee and employer views on company culture

02 Feb 21

Comparing job ads of social media giants to see how they attract top talent

21 Jan 21

Understanding the differences between separate teams working for the same organisation

06 Jan 21

Analysing competitors job-listings in order to stand out

19 Nov 20