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Rapidly decipher what’s being said in masses of unstructured text data


Analyze huge quantities of words in minutes

Uncovering trends and insights in surveys, reviews, social conversations and customer service transcripts shouldn’t require days of tedious manual coding. With Explore, simply upload text data from any source and the platform will uncover insights about what people are saying (and how they’re saying it) in minutes.
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Quantify key themes and audience sentiment

Using AI-powered natural language processing, Explore puts numbers around the topics, phrases, words and emotions present in your datasets so you can understand the shape of relevant conversations and audience sentiment without having to read a word.
Relative Insight

Compare datasets to reveal unique audience traits

With a powerful suite of data management tools, Explore makes it easy to segment and compare conversations from different audiences to reveal the topics, phrases, words, emotions and grammar features that over-index in one group vs. others. Equipped with these insights, you can develop tailored strategies for resonating with each of your audiences.

Stamp out bias from your qualitative research

Manual approaches to text analysis introduce hypothesis-driven bias into your insight processes. Explore analyzes text data in a rapid, unbiased manner and frees up analysts to focus on powerful data storytelling using persuasive metrics that compel stakeholders to take action.

Put numbers around your text data

Explore FAQs

Do I always have to be comparing datasets?

No! While many of our customers find it useful to segment their data into time or audience based datasets and compare them, it’s not required. You can still gain insight into the dominant topics, phrases, words and emotions in your dataset without creating comparisons.

How can I share insights with my stakeholders?

Insights can be exported directly into Powerpoint decks that can be shared with relevant stakeholders.

Can I define my own topics?

Yes! In addition to our library of hundreds of pre-defined topics, you can also define your own. For example, you might want to create a custom topic to capture references to a particular product or store location.

Does Relative Insight offer professional services support?

Yes, we offer varying levels of support to suit your needs. Relative Insight is designed to be a self-service software platform. We offer a host of guides and training sessions to help users manage their projects independently. For those who don’t have the time or need some additional help, we offer additional support as part of our research services packages.