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Uncover top-line insights by visualizing key differences across datasets


Highlight important differences and similarities

Heatmaps provide a top-level overview of audiences, customer segments and competing brands. By visually highlighting the pairs of datasets that are statistically most and least different, they are a useful tool for understanding how different your target audiences are and which brands are most differentiated in the market.
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Focus your attention on what matters most

When analyzing large volumes of data, exploring every possible angle in detail is often impractical. By showcasing where the most and least pronounced differences are, Heatmaps help you prioritize the most important areas for further investigation and analysis.

Enhance your data storytelling

Compelling stakeholders to take action goes hand-in-hand with effective data storytelling. By boiling down masses of words into an easy to comprehend visual, Heatmaps can help you set the scene with stakeholders about what the data is saying at a high-level before diving into more specific findings.

Start visualizing your data with Heatmaps today

Heatmaps FAQs

Why should I use Heatmaps?

Creating a heatmap is especially useful when working with a large number of data sets as investigating each individual comparison is often impractical in such situations. Common uses include competitor benchmarking, customer segmentation and geographic market comparisons.

What do the colored tiles on Heatmaps represent?

The color of the tile represents the magnitude of difference for each comparison, worked out in percentiles. Yellow represents the most different pair of data sets while navy blue represents the least different pairing. This can help you focus on the things that matter most in their data and prioritize specific areas for further analysis.