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Let’s talk about bodies: how millennials and gen Z view theirs

Every generation has their unique hang-ups, but in this study we wanted to think specifically about generation Z and millennials who have always had to navigate self-esteem in a social media-rich, always-on digital culture.

We sought to analyse how these two distinct sets talk about body image on social media. So, we ran a social media listening search which collected tweets containing the keyword body image – splitting our data to find the conversations of users aged 16-24 compared to users aged 25-40. We then uploaded both data sets to the Relative Insight platform, providing an additional layer of analysis, and ran our comparison.

This form of text analysis enabled us to uncover linguistic insights which helped us spot topics and themes that were distinctively different between these two demographic sets. These differences are vital for understanding what is important to each audience segment, allowing brands and agencies to better understand the unique thoughts, feelings and opinions of both groups.

By pin-pointing these differences, you can create incredibly targeted campaigns for each demographic set – fill in your details to find out how.