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Relative Flow: Streamline your text analytics and visualization workflow

Data Upload

Say goodbye to manual data uploads

Relative Flow automates the process of uploading and managing your data. Simply schedule the data to be loaded at the frequency of your choosing. Our platform will take care of the rest, freeing up your time to focus on gaining insights and making informed decisions.
Relative Insight Explore screenshot showing the differences in topics for negative vs. positive customer reviews.

Simplify and speed up data analysis

Relative Flow prepares your data and processes it quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual intervention. No more waiting around — our platform delivers lightning-fast results, every time.
Charts and diagrams depicting the metadata

Repeatable reports made easy

Imagine having the power to automate your regular reports, like tracking your CSAT score, with just a few clicks. Relative Flow offers streamlined reporting so you can focus on driving growth.
Heatmap visualization showing customer survey trends for product quality, customer service, checkout and delivery.

Get a clear picture of your data with visualizations

Our platform’s automated visualizations bring your data to life, providing a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not, making it easy to monitor changes.

Unlock the power of your text data with Relative Flow

Relative Flow FAQs

What data formats are supported by Relative Flow?

Relative Flow supports CSV, XLS, and XLSX data formats.

Can I customize the frequency and timing of my data uploads with Relative Flow?

Yes, with Relative Flow, you can schedule your data to be automatically loaded into the Relative platform at a time and frequency of your choosing.

What types of visualizations can Relative Flow generate?

Relative Flow can generate a range of automated visualizations, including Data Discovery, Heatmaps and Heartbeat to help you gain insights and understand your text data.