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Visualize how customer and target audience conversations are changing over time


Keep a pulse on customer opinions and consumer trends

Heartbeat provides intuitive visualizations showing how the proportion of customer or target audience conversations dedicated to specified topics is changing over time. Heartbeat is being used to track changes in customer opinions and sentiment, examine industry trends and analyze social media conversations to understand shifts in consumer behavior.

Quantify the impact of campaigns and strategic decisions

Heartbeat makes it easy to demonstrate the impact of marketing campaigns, new customer service processes and other strategic decisions. Simply input the conversational themes you’re hoping to influence and use the chart to understand whether the initiative has shifted the conversation in the way you had expected.

Use our topic library or define your own

Define the themes you want to track using our library of hundreds of pre-defined topics or by creating your own. Not sure what to track? Start by using Explore to understand the topics, phrases and words that are driving the conversation and then apply them to Heartbeat charts with just a few clicks.

Unlock always on audience intelligence

Set up a Heartbeat chart in as little as 15 minutes and continue to use it forever. Apply your themes to time-stamped customer feedback or social media conversations and refresh your chart with new data to stay on top of evolving trends and insights.

Start visualizing trends in your text data today

Heartbeat FAQs

What do the lines on a Heartbeat chart represent?

The lines represent the proportion of the total conversation dedicated to each of the topics you are tracking. It can be configured to show as a percentage of the total message or word count. Most customers use the message count option.

What do you mean by ‘themes’ in Heartbeat?

Themes are collections of topics, words, phrases and grammar elements that you want to track. Within a theme, you can track either individual words and topics or create groups of related terms that represent something important to your business. For example, you might create a theme for each of your competitors including their brand and product names.

How do I keep my Heartbeat chart up to date?

Once themes have been defined and a corresponding Heartbeat chart has been created, it’s easy to add new data on a regular basis. Simply upload your latest data via the Library and the chart will automatically update to reflect the additional data. Voila!