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Turn patient feedback and HCP conversations into powerful insights


Analyze patient and HCP feedback at scale

Created specifically for pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech and medical device companies and agencies, Relative Insight Medical delivers accurate text analytics for the health sector. Our specialist solution helps organizations analyze and visualize large volumes of patient feedback and HCP conversations in minutes.
Custom Topics

Generate insights you can trust with a specialized healthcare lexicon

The language of health is complex. Using a general AI model, words like “administration” and “draw” would fall under the categories of “leadership” and “art”. But in a healthcare context, these terms refer to administering medication and carrying out a procedure – Relative Insight Medical is powered by a healthcare lexicon that can understand this context and tag topics appropriately.
Relative Insight Medical

Spot trends in therapy area discourse and patient experience

By analyzing and comparing feedback and online conversations from different patient groups, health populations and HCP communities, Relative Insight Medical makes it quick and easy to understand the nuances of patient journeys — all without the need to rely on manual processes or subjective interpretations.

Put metrics around what patients and HCPs are saying

Relative Insight Medical FAQs

What makes text analysis in Relative Insight Medical different?

Relative Insight Medical offers a solution tailored to medical English to help healthcare companies and agencies analyze their text data. Relative Insight for Medical uses 33 unique medical tags covering a range of topics such as administration, disease, syndromes, symptoms, alternative medicine, procedure, surgery, treatment and more.

Explore the full list of topics here. With Relative Insight Medical, you can rest assured that your medical text data will be analyzed accurately and efficiently, giving you the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Can I still have access to text analysis in non-specialized English?

Absolutely! The platform provides general topical analysis for text data in non-specialized English. However, for those working in the medical industry, we offer the additional benefit of our unique medical tags, which are only available with Relative Insight Medical.

These tags are easily recognizable with a small blue Rod of Asclepius symbol (⚕) next to them, making it easy to differentiate between general and medical-specific tags.