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We bring together insight leaders for discussions of all things text analysis, market research and customer insights

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Crack the CSAT code: Leveraging AI to demystify customers’ score shifts

NPS and CSAT surveys can feel like a rollercoaster of unexpected peaks and troughs. For organizations that prioritize NPS, CSAT and other measures of customer contentment, a score is not enough. They must use all the tools available to them, such as AI, to understand the factors that contribute to that total, particularly when these elements are generating rises or precipitating falls.

Our latest Spotlight Series webinar examines what this approach should look like. James Cuthbertson, CRO at Relative Insight, will highlight how customer experience teams can leverage AI-powered technology to have a continuous, in-depth picture of the successes and pain points impacting fluctuations in NPS, CSAT and other customer sentiment scoring.

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Building Inclusive Campuses: Embracing Diversity in Higher Education

Relative Insight’s work with a wide range of higher education institutions offers an excellent perspective into the sector’s challenges and gives us experience in seeing colleges implement actionable text data insights to address these challenges.

That’s why we’ve launched a new webinar series to support professionals in the sector: Relative Connect. Our first event focused on how colleges can successfully create diverse and inclusive campus environments.

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Decoding consumer perspectives using the language of luxury

This webinar showcased the results of our research into consumers’ luxury attitudes. Relative Insight revealed what motivates them and how their mindsets drive purchasing decisions.

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Vibrant visualizations: Prioritizing the importance of speed to insight

Data Discovery is a revolutionary tool that brings the magic of data visualization right to your fingertips. This webinar demonstrates how new software such as this is rapidly accelerating speed to insight.

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Deconstructing consumer tribalism with questions on vaping

To investigate consumer habits on a macro-level, Relative Insight ran a survey to see if people’s choice in vape reveal more about how they behave as consumers, rather than simply what they choose to smoke…

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When synthetic respondents meet text analysis

With machine learning dominating the conversation, we find ourselves witnessing the rise of synthetic respondents. In this session we investigated the meeting of text analytics and AI for exciting market research methodologies.

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Medical linguistics: The health kick you’ll stick to

Medical terminology is a language in its own right – so we present our pioneering medical text analytics solution. Find out how it works, and why it’s a game-changer.

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Take a trip through text analytics

Be guided through the linguistic world of LSD and psilocybin – where we’ll demonstrate how it was possible to analyze the language of psychedelic experiences, and show what this methodology means in real-life.

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Are you passing the vibe check?

Gen Zs consume branded content completely differently from any generation before them – see how brands can pass the vibe check in order to resonate with this audience.

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