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Text analysis tools for quantifying and visualizing your unstructured data

Relative Insight


Quickly uncover quantified insights about what your customers, target audiences or employees are saying with AI-powered topic analysis. Intuitive data management and segmentation tools make it easy to compare groups for a deeper understanding.


Define the themes you want to track to uncover the why behind movements in CSAT, NPS or other key business metrics. Visualize why these numbers fluctuate over time to stay ahead of evolving consumer preferences and proactively manage emerging issues.


Save time with a shortcut for understanding how statistically different or similar various parts of your datasets are. This includes audience segments, competitors and geographic regions.
Charts and diagrams depicting the metadata

Relative Flow

Automate the process of uploading and managing your data. Simply schedule the data to be loaded at the frequency of your choosing. Our platform will take care of the rest, freeing up your time to focus on gaining insights and making informed decisions.

Ready to take the pain out of analyzing unstructured text?