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We help businesses understand the world around them through text analysis

Changing Perspectives

Changing perspectives on text data as a source of insight

We’re on a mission to change how businesses think about and learn from the masses of qualitative text data being produced from feedback, online conversations and customer service interactions. With a powerful suite of text analysis tools, Relative Insight enables businesses to quickly quantify and visualize what customers, target audiences and employees are saying so they can make informed decisions that drive results.
A History in Law Enforcement

Partnering with law enforcement to protect children online

Our text mining software was initially deployed to help British law enforcement protect children from masquerading behavior online. Our proprietary comparative text analytics engine was used to identify the subtle differences in how actual teenagers talk vs. adults doing sophisticated impressions. This helped law enforcement proactively identify suspicious behavior and intervene before it was too late.
Trusted by Leading Brands and Agencies

Modernizing market research and customer understanding

Today, Relative Insight provides a scalable solution for analyzing survey open-ends, customer reviews, social media conversations and transcripts. Our text analysis platform is being used by hundreds of leading brands and agencies including Nespresso, Campbell’s and R/GA to enhance their understanding of customers, target audiences, employees and competitors.

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