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Marketing, Brand & Digital

Through comparison, Relative Insight’s technology helps insights and research professionals, and marketers and brand specialists discover more value out of the language data they’ve already got – from primary research, insights tools and online web copy.

Coupled with a rich understanding of audience, our platform will save time and support the science in analysis.

This leads to sharper communications, better brand positioning and more resonant campaigns.

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Customer Experience & Sales

Through comparison, Relative Insight’s technology helps CX and customer-facing professionals discover valuable hidden gems from the language data that their organisation generates.

This can include all the results from satisfaction surveys, support channel transcripts, insights gathered from their CRM – and even the online reviews people leave about a product or service.

By analysing the language internal teams and customers use, our platform will give rich insights into customer experience and satisfaction, as well as the performance of customer service teams.

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HR & Internal Comms

Through comparison, Relative Insight’s technology helps HR and Internal Comms people discover important nuggets of information about what matters most to their current and prospective employees.

By analysing the language that internal teams use, such as in employee engagement surveys, exit interviews, and company review sites, our platform gives fascinating insights into what makes people tick, helping employers to engage really effectively with them.

The subtlety of language you also use makes a difference to the types of candidates an organisation will attract, and so by using our technology , recruitment team will discover how to really appeal to the talent they want to attract.

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