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Understand the why behind your text data

Powered by AI, Relative Insight transforms unstructured CSAT, NPS and eNPS data into actionable insights


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Medtronic cured survey fatigue and boosted NPS with Relative Insight

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A great boost to our understanding of social conversation and open-ended survey responses

The platform gives us a much more detailed understanding of social conversation than we previously had, and is much more advanced than traditional sentiment analysis. It’s also allowed us to properly analyse open-ended questions from surveys that previously we did not have enough resource to look at.
Gregory M | 
Senior Branch Research Manager
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Next level linguistic insight

Relative is giving our team the ability to supercharge the learnings we can garner from the gamut of text-based data at our disposal – much of which was largely moribund until we discovered Relative.
James B | 
Head of Insight
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The most useful tool I have from the most wonderful people

I love Relative Insight and regularly rave about the platform to anyone that will listen. I’ve used it on every pitch I’ve won in recent years, ever since I discovered what they offer, as the insight gleaned is both genuinely insightful and extremely fast – not to mention cheap! I love being able to show a client something they didn’t know about how their own brand speaks.
Tara A | 
Consulting Director
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Impressive technology. Unmatched service. Unlimited Value.

Relative Insight has been a fantastic company to work with. With endless open-end survey responses, we as an organization struggled to find a valuable solution. Relative Insight’s AI platform has allowed us to make data-driven decisions and weed through the clutter. The platform is extremely simple to use, and the customer service is unmatched.
Drew F | 
Senior Market Research Analyst
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Transformative impact on how we understand audiences and gather actionable insight

Relative Insight has transformed how we look at internal qualitative data to help understand, track and influence how people are feeling and what they are talking about. It’s incredibly simple and user-friendly to use, with a very well supported learning curve to quickly get up to speed and become relatively proficient.
Sam V | 
Senior Employee Experience Manager
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Finding insights hiding in plain sight

Relative Insight has become an essential resource for our research and has been an excellent partner from day one. Not only have they supported us as we’ve learned the technical aspects of the platform, they’ve also been great collaborators who’ve helped us take a more thoughtful and rewarding approach to how we approach each project.
Jim G | 
Director of Creative Strategy
Relative Insight

Quantify what’s happening in masses of unstructured text

Ditch the subjective anecdotes by generating authoritative stats from your CSAT, NPS and eNPS surveys, as well as other Voice of Customer data sources to capture the attention of stakeholders and compel them to take action.

Accelerate your time to insight

Reduce the time, effort and cost required to gain insights from unstructured text data with a powerful suite of AI text analytics tools and visualizations that eliminates the need for cumbersome manual coding.

Make better decisions

Infuse your research and business intelligence with metrics that stakeholders need to make the right decisions by quickly comparing customers or employees over time.
Charts and diagrams depicting the metadata

Connect and integrate your data

Leverage your existing data sources and tool kit by using AI to collate and organize your data to create always-on, automated reporting.

Put metrics around masses of unstructured text

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