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Make a Comparison Discover an Insight

The best insights are the
ones that surprise you

These are born out of discovery—not typed into a search bar.

That’s why our platform compares two data sets to identify significant differences and similarities in the way people speak, from word choice to emotion through to topics and themes. The result, better crafted content, more informed messaging, more efficient sales and customer service teams and better internal communication.

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How It Works

Relative Insight layers on top of the
data sources you're already using,

From social listening tools, forum data, focus groups, website copy, customer reviews to call center transcripts and chat conversations you can upload and use it all.

In other words, it makes all the language that’s sloshing around you more organised and useful.

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Types of Comparison

Here is how some of clients use us

Compare language used in differentTime Periods

To Measure An AccurateChange in conversations around a brands or themes

Relative Insight analysed language used in online environments going back to 2008 to understand how consumer attitudes to cosmetic surgery had changed over time.

Compare Language used inOnline Forums

To Uncover DifferencesBetween students and young professionals

Choose any group or segment and compare them to understand how they speak and what makes them tick.

Compare Language Used onCompeting Websites

To Help OptimiseThe way a brand uses language online

Changes to the website language resulted in an increase in conversions by 217%, transactions increased by 218%, and revenue increased by 256%.

Our Clients.

We work with brands and agencies of all kinds.

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