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Our platform analyses data from any language asset to give transformative consumer insights, and our technology can change everything that a brand, organisation or agency think they know about their users.

Through language comparison, trends will emerge that you won’t have thought of, unnoticed nuances in conversation will become crucial, and ‘unknown unknowns’ will have the power to shape new strategies.

The result – better crafted content, more informed messaging, more efficient sales and customer service teams, and better internal communication.

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How it works

Most organisations have considerable language data assets at their disposal – including content from social listening tools, website copy, survey results, customer reviews and call centre transcripts – all of which can be analysed to reveal nuances and trends that won’t have been considered before.

These unnoticed nuances are the game-changers.

Encouraging clients to realise the potential, and then gain significant business value from the language data they have access to, is at the core of what we do.

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We can help any organisation

use language comparison

If you're inMarketing, brand & digital

We can help you shape strategyto understand

language insight for campaigns, brand positioning, brand strategy, audience segmentation, audience understanding and content creation

If you work inSales or customer experience

Our language analysiswill give you

language insight to evaluate, then create and train high performing sales and customer care service teams who will be able to talk to customers in the way that they understand

If you work inHR and internal communications

our language comparison will give you

language insight to better help you understand colleagues within an organisation so you can shape internal policies, hone the recruitment process and nurture talent and position internal comms so it resonates.

How can we make this work?

There are two options

Software as a service

Give your team access to our platform and empower them to run their own projects

Insights as a service

Our team of language comparison experts can help you identify insights and package them up for you

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