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The best insights are the
ones that surprise you.

They’re born out of discovery—not typed into a search bar—and they help you see the bigger picture to make your marketing more powerful.

That’s why our platform compares two data sets to identify significant similarities and differences in the way people speak, from word choice to sentiment to grammar. The result: better briefs, more informed messaging, and more meaningful reporting.

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How It Works.

Relative Insight layers on top of the
data sources you're already using,

from social listening tools and customer data platforms to forums, reviews and even call center transcripts.

In other words, it makes all the tools that you’re already using even better and more useful.

How It Works

Types of Comparison

If you can identify two data sets, you can compare them. Here are some of the most common use cases.

Compare language used in differentTime Periods

To Measure An AccurateChange in Discussion

Relative Insight analysed language used in online environments going back to 2008 to understand how consumer attitudes to cosmetic surgery had changed over time

Compare Language used inOnline Forums

To Uncover DifferencesBetween Key Groups of Consumers

This multi-dimension comparison surfaced significant new differences between consumer groups.

Compare Language Used onCompeting Websites

To Help OptimiseOnline Performance

Changes to the website language resulted in an increase in conversions by 217%, transactions increased by 218%, and revenue increased by 256%.

Your Secret Weapon

Compare billions of words instantly, getting a fuller picture than you would with social listening tools.

Compare more data more quickly!
Compare more data more quickly!

Compare billions of words instantly, getting a fuller picture than you would with social listening tools.

Focus on what’s significant
Focus on what’s significant

Don’t waste time analyzing data that isn’t statistically significant. We bubble up what’s important.

Arrive at insights more quickly
Arrive at insights more quickly

Identify actionable insights without spending time (and money) hosting traditional focus groups.

Make your tools work harder
Make your tools work harder

Get more out of the programs and products you’re already using, and find new applications for data that you may have looked over.

Our Clients.

We’ve worked with brands and agencies of all kinds, from Havas Helia and R/GA to Unilever, Disney, Nikon and Tresemme.

Software as a service

Give your team access to our platform and identify insights on your own. Simply upload your data, choose two segments to compare, analyse the results and develop campaigns that are informed by real human truths.

Insights as a service

Our team of experts can help you identify the right data sources, run comparisons, analyse the results and identify the insights that will be most valuable for your campaign. We can also train members of your team to use the platform themselves.

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