Relative Insight turns language into data.

Understanding consumer language enables better engagement.

Absorbing competitor and industry language gives competitive advantage.

What do groups of consumers care about?

Relative Insight can assess what different groups of consumers are concerned about by analyzing their language use so that you can engage with their concerns, needs, and desires more effectively.

Consumer attitude tracking.

Track consumer attitudes to your industry, products, and purchase habits. Give your brand the foresight to create useful interventions before your competitors.

Brand Language Drift.

Is your ideal brand language being consistently applied to your communications? Relative Insight can compare your language use over time, and across channels to see if your brand message is being consistently communicated.

Is your brand language really differentiated against competitors?

Relative Insight can be used to regularly compare outbound brand language from competitors to your brand to see what the differences really are.

Case Study —
Holiday lettings language optimisation

The Problem

SEO 247, an award winning PPC and SEO agency, approached Relative Insight to see if we could help them improve the sale transaction rate of a client’s website, a holiday company.

We were asked to see if we could determine what language was most effective for successfully promoting accommodation and securing sale conversions and, conversely, what language was least effective.

What We Did

We collected language data from the holiday company’s website along with two of its competitors. We then performed analysis to identify how the different companies presented themselves and described the accommodation in their portfolios. In addition to this, we also focused specifically on the clients’ best and worst performing accommodation in order to identify any potential language differences. Finally we also examined consumer reviews for the clients’ accommodation on TripAdvisor.

What We Found

We found that the accommodation that tended to generate the most sale transactions placed emphasis on the surrounding geographical beauty and its relaxed nature. Conversely, the poorly performing accommodation was presented in a much more targeted fashion – e.g. ideal for outdoor activities such as exploring and boating, or for romantic breaks. Likewise analysis of consumer reviews found that consumers were particularly concerned with geographical locations and the cleanliness of the accommodation (and facilities to support personal care).

How We Helped

Based on our insights, SEO 247 made changes to the language on their clients’ website and evaluated its performance over the following month. Within this timeframe the changes to the accommodation pages resulted in an increase in conversions by 217%, transactions increased by 218%, and revenue increased by 256%.

Conversions up by 217%
Transactions up by 218%
Revenue up by 256%

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