Analysing discourse from multiple channels about domestic violence

It’s easy to assume that charitable organisations always know exactly how to speak to their beneficiaries – but the reality can be different as discourse about any topic is always changing, and can vary across different channels.

Domestic violence occurs across all social classes, ages, ethnicities and genders. So, it’s vital that the issue remains in the public eye enabling people to identify abusive behaviours and take action when needed.

But how do organisations and the public approach such a sensitive topic? Does the medium on which domestic violence is spoken about influence the language that is used? And what can charities learn from understanding the wider discourse around domestic violence?

For this case study, we compiled large text data sets comprised of millions of words from social media, news coverage, charity communications and government websites around the topic of domestic violence. We then compared the language from all of this data to discover the unique linguistic nuances in how the public, the charity sector, the government and the media talk.

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