How do you generate customer insights? – A professional’s guide

Seeing Through A Different Lensa: Feedback Analysis On The App From iOS And Andrioid Users

Seeing through a different Lensa: App feedback analysis from iOS and android users

We Write For Total Retail About Consumer Analysis On Holiday Shopping Concerns

We write for Total Retail about consumer analysis on holiday shopping concerns

Gauging tweeters' responses to Elon Musk through text sentiment analysis

Gauging tweeters’ responses to Elon Musk through text sentiment analysis

WEBINAR: Driving efficiency in a saggy economy

We Write For ESOMAR’s Research World Blog On Making Sense Of nonsensical text data

We write for ESOMAR’s Research World Blog on making sense of nonsensical text data

What are customer insights? 

Generating qualitative and quantitative consumer insights: What you’ve been getting wrong

We Write On Employee Engagement For

We write on employee engagement for