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Survey analysis

Rauri Hadlington talks to the SportsPro Podcast about improving gameday experience.

Rauri Hadlington: How to enhance fans’ gameday experience

14 Jun 2024
A survey list and check boxes on a green background illustrating 5 survey open-ended question tips.

5 top tips to maximize open-ended question response quality

12 Jun 2024
A selection of pizza slices with varied toppings to illustrate how a pizza chain used an OSAT survey to find out why some limited time offers performed better.

Feeding limited time offer takeup through OSAT survey analysis

07 Jun 2024
An image of a casino hotel, with a roulette table in the foreground.

Identifying and removing barriers to player experience at a casino hotel

19 Apr 2024
Stylised screenshot of AI Summary on a background of a movie reel and smiley faces symbolising customer feedback.

Unlocking actionable insights: Why AI Summary is your key to text analysis success

26 Mar 2024
A beachside image with CSAT-style faces to represent a hotel survey.

Battling bedbugs and poor cleanliness using hotel survey analysis

05 Mar 2024
A gauge of different colors visualizing net promoter score analysis.

Preserving a recruitment business’s world class rating using net promoter score analysis

05 Jan 2024
Cell phones imposed over graph lines on a green background to illustrate an operator's customer satisfaction survey analysis.

A cell phone company’s customer satisfaction survey analysis conundrum

03 Jan 2024
Image showing sad fans on the left and happy fans on the right of the picture to visualize fan experience surveys.

Elevating gameday experience through fan experience surveys

15 Dec 2023

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