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Audience research

A image of a variety of products in a shopping trolley on a green backdrop to illustrate customer sentiment analysis around Temu.

Customer sentiment analysis into US and UK consumers’ views on Temu

25 Aug 2023
A number of people wearing different running shoe brands running on a road with a green tint.

How consumers talk about running shoe brands

14 Aug 2023
travel trends

Monitoring post-pandemic consumer travel trends

21 Jun 2023
A selection of college buildings cut into vertical strips with green filters.

Exploring student reviews to see what influences diversity in colleges

31 May 2023
Analyzing opening weekend audience reactions to Cocaine Bear & Ant-Man

Cocaine Bear vs Ant-Man: Analyzing opening weekend audience reactions

27 Feb 2023
Insights from Chiefs and Eagles fans' pre-super Bowl conversations

Insights from Chiefs and Eagles fans’ Super Bowl conversations

09 Feb 2023

Veganuary: A snowflake trend, or growing social movement?

24 Jan 2023
Seeing Through A Different Lensa: Feedback Analysis On The App From iOS And Andrioid Users

Seeing through a different Lensa: App feedback analysis from iOS and android users

14 Dec 2022
Product research analysis into different generations' reactions to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Product research analysis into different generations’ reactions to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

21 Nov 2022

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