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Brand monitoring

Red and green lines surrounded by like and dislike icons in code segments to visualize sentiment coding.

Sentiment coding in free text responses – harder than it sounds?

12 Jun 2024
A green filter applied to two consumers looking at a stadium with tickets in their back pockets.

Visualizing brand differentiation between Ticketmaster and other ticket sites

10 Jul 2023
The logos six nonprofits featured in a blog about analyzing how they use language to solicit charitable donations.

How non-profits use words to boost charitable donations

13 Jun 2023
Hotel reviews uncover variations between Four Seasons resorts

Hotel reviews uncover variations between Four Seasons resorts

11 Apr 2023
Understanding how consumers feel about salty snack brands

Getting our fill of consumers’ thoughts about salty snack brands

13 Mar 2023

Sustainability leadership: Aligning action with consumer concerns

04 Jan 2022
car wheel

Tracking changes in Vauxhall and Hyundai brand perception over time

21 Oct 2021

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