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A medical device on a red, amber and green background illustrating NPS feedback.

How text analytics enhances Medtronic’s diabetes NPS feedback program

12 Apr 2024
An image of a department store with retail NPS colors to signify how retail feedback can improve in-store experiences.

How retail feedback analysis improved in-store experience and NPS

04 Apr 2024
A photo of Relative Insight CEO Ben Hookway as he explores the relationship between NPS and revenue.

Analyze customer feedback to boost NPS and revenue

19 Mar 2024
A beachside image with CSAT-style faces to represent a hotel survey.

Battling bedbugs and poor cleanliness using hotel survey analysis

05 Mar 2024
A CSAT meter overlayed on a restaurant to visualize a restaurant survey blog.

Augmenting a restaurant CSAT survey program with text analytics

27 Feb 2024
A gauge of different colors visualizing net promoter score analysis.

Preserving a recruitment business’s world class rating using net promoter score analysis

05 Jan 2024
Cell phones imposed over graph lines on a green background to illustrate an operator's customer satisfaction survey analysis.

A cell phone company’s customer satisfaction survey analysis conundrum

03 Jan 2024
A picture of a rollercoaster with happy and sad faces above it to visualize root cause analysis software.

How root cause analysis software illuminates customer scoring

07 Dec 2023

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