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Product updates

A feature image on a green background showing some of the new features, including upload tile, verbatim explorer and instant splits

What’s new: Insights made easier with Verbatim Finder, Relative Flow, Instant Splits, and more

08 Jan 2024
A featured image representing the latest updates, including metrics preferences, overall metric and a pie chart.

Unlock the power of metrics: Relative Insight’s latest updates

29 Nov 2023
A feature image with two speech bubbles representing a conversation in French

Introducing French text analysis: Empowering global insights

05 Oct 2023
Data discovery image, showing a range of charts, bar charts and graphs

Relative Insight’s new Data Discovery

13 Jul 2023
Custom Topics blog

Bringing metrics to your specialist text data with Custom Themes

18 May 2023
Spanish language

Analyze text data with native precision: Topical analysis in Spanish 

13 Apr 2023
Customer service - why is it so important

The value of customer service: Why it matters more than ever before

25 Jan 2023
Data security

How we keep your data safe: Safety features in Relative Insight

20 Jan 2023
Platform updates

Differences matter: Introducing the new Relative Insight UX

19 Jan 2023

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