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A golden money emoji on a chain against a green background to denote a blog about luxury trends.

Getting to the heart of luxury trends using text analytics

06 Sep 2023
A selection of college buildings cut into vertical strips with green filters.

Exploring student reviews to see what influences diversity in colleges

31 May 2023
Hotel reviews uncover variations between Four Seasons resorts

Hotel reviews uncover variations between Four Seasons resorts

11 Apr 2023
Is the Harry Potter game magic? Analyzing Hogwarts Legacy reviews

Is the Harry Potter game magic? Examining Hogwarts Legacy reviews

06 Mar 2023
Specialist text analysis - Voice of the Customer

Voice of the customer: Why do you need specialist text analytics software?

16 Feb 2023

What customer satisfaction scores aren’t telling you

19 Jan 2023

Putting customers first with customer feedback analysis

19 Jan 2023

Customer experience analytics: The key to happy customers

18 Jan 2023
Customer Review Analytics Demonstrate How Alcohol-Free Drinks Brands Can Stand Out In Dry January

Customer review analytics demonstrate how alcohol-free drinks brands can stand out in Dry January

13 Jan 2023

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