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Text analysis

A featured image showing three G2 badges for Fall 2023 reports.

Relative Insight: Top text analytics software in G2’s Fall 2023 reports

An image on a black background showing a metic icon, similar to a speedometer in a car.

Metrics, evidence and audit in text analytics

Text mining vs. NLP: What’s the difference?

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Customer insights

A slot machine with footballs on in the middle of a stadium to illustrate a blog about Allegiant Stadium reviews.

Tracking stadium experience improvements through Allegiant Stadium reviews

An image of a green Duolingo owl on a green background with images representing customer reviews to visualize app reviews analysis.

Tracking what users think of Duolingo through app review analysis

A golden money emoji on a chain against a green background to denote a blog about luxury trends.

Getting to the heart of luxury trends using text analytics

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Audience research

An rugby player and football player running towards each other with concussion imagery visualized on their heads for a blog about fan sentiment towards concussion.

Exploring fan sentiment around concussion in rugby and football

A tilted football with Taylor Swift style lipstick on it to visualize a blog about Swifties' reactions to Taylor's relationship with Travis Kelce.

Understanding Swifties’ mindsets using the Taylor/Travis love story

A image of a variety of products in a shopping trolley on a green backdrop to illustrate customer sentiment analysis around Temu.

Customer sentiment analysis into US and UK consumers’ views on Temu

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People analytics

An image of students and lecturers with a green filter to represent trends in higher education.

Pinpointing reasons behind hiring trends in higher education

An image of two oil and gas job workers facing away from each other, overlayed with fading refineries in front of a green background.

Identifying what employees think using oil and gas job reviews

Extracting insights from employee surveys using text analysis

Extracting insights from employee surveys using text analysis

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Survey analysis

A CSAT meter overlayed on a restaurant to visualize a restaurant survey blog.

Augmenting a restaurant CSAT survey program with text analytics

A gauge of different colors visualizing net promoter score analysis.

Preserving a recruitment business’s world class rating using net promoter score analysis

Cell phones imposed over graph lines on a green background to illustrate an operator's customer satisfaction survey analysis.

A cell phone company’s customer satisfaction survey analysis conundrum

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Social insights

A split image of a trade show on the left versus an exclusive dinner setting on the right to illustrate a comparison of event feedback for these two types of gathering.

Expos or exclusivity? Using event feedback to track delegates’ views

An image of a robot inside the words AI 2023 to visualize AI trends in 2023.

Tracking discussions surrounding 2023’s big AI trends

A box full of gifts alongside a turkey on a green background to represent holiday giving.

How charities and donors talk about holiday giving

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