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Current affairs

Has coronavirus given us a reason to stop berating ourselves?

04 Jan 2021

The Great Christmas Cookie Battle: Using text analysis to rank holiday desserts

23 Dec 2020

Is holiday messaging consistent across the US?

17 Dec 2020

Social insights: Is it too early for Christmas decorations?

18 Nov 2020
SWOT analysis in healthcare: Pfizer vs. Moderna

SWOT analysis in healthcare: Pfizer vs. Moderna

17 Nov 2020
An image showing children eating school meals alongside a football and England flag.

The Marcus Rashford effect: Analyzing Twitter conversations on child poverty

11 Nov 2020

How America reacted to the 2020 election, in Tweets

10 Nov 2020

Comparing the language of election coverage: Fox News vs. MSNBC

03 Nov 2020

How to tell the difference between real and fake news

30 Oct 2020

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