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Customer insights

The key to improving member experience

The secret to improving member experience

05 Jul 2022
Understanding the train passenger experience through social media competitor monitoring

Romance or disruption? Understanding train passenger experiences through social media competitor monitoring

17 Jun 2022
hotel key

How can Tripadvisor reviews inform hotel localization strategy?

28 Mar 2022

Keeping a pulse on retail customer feedback with Heartbeat

03 Mar 2022
customer service strategy icon

Developing an insight-driven customer service strategy

02 Mar 2022
meditation apps

Analyzing mindfulness app reviews: Calm vs. Headspace

09 Feb 2022

Analyzing customer reviews for the Dyson Airwrap

27 Jan 2022

Comparing audience vs. critic reviews for Don’t Look Up

10 Jan 2022

Analyzing online reviews of boutique fitness studios

04 Jan 2022

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