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Analyzing customer reviews for the Dyson Airwrap

The printing press, the iPod and the Dyson Airwrap. What do all these products have in common? They totally revolutionized an industry and changed the way consumers behaved.

The Airwrap might seem out of place on that list, but it really isn’t. Dyson reimagined an everyday product that’s undergone little innovation in its decades long existence, the simple hair dryer. 

Brands use Relative Insight to analyze customer reviews and develop products that cater to real wants and needs. Through text analytics, Relative Insight uncovers the topics, words, phrases, grammar and emotion unique to a textual data set. 

We compared Amazon customer reviews for the Dyson Airwrap against various brands of traditional hair dryers to understand what features make this product different. Using Relative Insight to analyze customer reviews, we can uncover customer insights examples and pinpoint exactly what customers love. Here’s what we found:

Analyze customer reviews for the Dyson Airwrap

Practice makes perfect 

Innovation can be a double-edged sword. Although customers were happy with the results, the novel nature of the product requires research and practice. Reviewers talked about needing to watch youtube tutorials and videos to understand exactly how it works, in addition to undergoing some trial and error of their own. 

Airwrap requires practice


Coming in at $550 USD / £449 GBP the Airwrap comes in on a price bracket all of its own as traditional hair dryers can cost anywhere from $10 to $300. Customers noted the steep price in reviews  using words worth, expensive, every penny and investment – but almost always found the cost worth the results, once they had mastered how it works.


The two main uses for the Airwrap from a consumers perspective are curling and smoothing. Based on customer reviews for the Dyson Airwrap, there seemed to be no singular hair type the product catered to, and customers with both curly and straight hair used the product to achieve their desired style.

Quick drying

Consumers loved the speed of the Airwrap. Many reviewers were able to dry and style their hair within 15 minutes. They claimed the product saves time compared to traditional hair drying methods.

Analyzing customer reviews: Traditional hair dryers

Hot temperatures

Many of the reviews we analyzed for traditional hair dryers were positive, but we were able to identify issues with other hair dryers within the data that the Airwrap solves. Reviews specifically mentioned heat and temperature significantly more with other hair dryers – which can hit damaging or even painful temperatures, where the Airwrap does not.

Hot hairdryer temps

Too loud

Consumers also disliked the level of noise some hair dryers produce. They sought products that were not noisy and produced little sound. Compared to the Airwrap, we saw few reviews comment on the noise level of the Dyson product.

What does this mean?

Innovation can be met with two outcomes: aversion or acceptance. Considering customer reviews for the Dyson Airwrap, it’s safe to say – despite a high price tag and learning curve – that the Airwrap has been met with overwhelming acceptance. 

In order to create a truly revolutionary product, it’s crucial to conduct customer insights research and understand the flaws with existing interpretations. By knowing consumers sought quiet, fast hair dryers with safe temperatures, Dyson was able to craft a product that catered to those needs.

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