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Audience research

Comparing pre-launch gamer conversation: Battlefield 2042 vs Call of Duty Vanguard

27 Oct 2021

Analyzing US and UK audience reactions to No Time To Die

15 Oct 2021

Using the language of reproductive rights of women to unite advocates

15 Oct 2021

It’s time to stop ignoring gen X – the lost generation

07 Oct 2021
audience insights

The ultimate guide to target audience insights

05 Oct 2021
alcoholic drink

The perfect tipple: tracking alcohol trends through social media text analysis

16 Sep 2021

Tracking the net zero conversation in forums

09 Sep 2021

Tracking reactions to the ABBA reunion we’ve all been waiting for

07 Sep 2021
health and wellness

Marketing health and wellness: Understanding the differences between US and UK audiences

26 Aug 2021

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