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BeReal social media comparison over time

Deriving audience insight from social conversations about BeReal

16 Jun 2022
meditation apps

Analyzing mindfulness app reviews: Calm vs. Headspace

09 Feb 2022

Iconic adverts: What makes a standout tech campaign?

12 Aug 2021

A space cowboy’s joyride? Comparing reactions to Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic’s space flights

23 Jul 2021

Do customer reviews impact new product innovation?

04 Jun 2021

Elon Musk, Tesla and the rise-and-fall of Bitcoin

20 May 2021

Can you learn a language using an app?

29 Apr 2021

How to maintain messaging during mergers and acquisitions: Uber and Postmates

26 Apr 2021

Comparing online marketplaces through the language of seller forums

13 Nov 2020

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