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social data

Avoiding cancel culture: the language of celebrity apologies

11 Jan 2022

Sustainability leadership: Aligning action with consumer concerns

04 Jan 2022
guitar with christmas hat

The battle of the Christmas singers: Mariah Carey vs Michael Bublé

20 Dec 2021
fashion runway

Analyzing Paris Fashion Week 2021 reactions to Balmain, Hermès & Givenchy

09 Dec 2021
Pharma market research - finding out about rare diseases

Using text analysis for pharmaceutical market research about rare diseases

03 Dec 2021
cook book

How do UK celebrity chefs differentiate themselves on social?

26 Nov 2021
supreme shop sign

How to build a cult brand

25 Nov 2021

Canadian vs. American Thanksgiving: what’s the difference?

24 Nov 2021

How fashion TV trends impact purchasing behaviors

16 Nov 2021

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