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language comparison

A magnifying glass over a clipboard to signify market research.

What is market research? The ultimate guide

09 Jul 2021
A pie chart inside a magnifying glass to illustrate analyzing qualitative data.

Analyzing qualitative data: How to do it & why it matters

05 Jul 2021
Relative Insight

Relative Insight nominated as a top text analytics company

24 Jun 2021

Understanding customer data and improving CX with Relative Insight

28 May 2021
Performing comparative analysis

Demystifying comparative analysis

11 May 2021
market research online communities

Applying text analysis to online communities for enhanced market research

23 Apr 2021

Why you need Relative Insight as part of your agency’s BI toolkit

29 Mar 2021
A collection of Scrabble-style wooden letters to signify language data.

What do we mean when we say language data?

19 Mar 2021

What is metadata and why is it useful?

30 Jul 2020

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