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Relative Insight nominated as a top text analytics company

Relative Insight has named Relative Insight as one of the best text analytics companies in London. We are thrilled to be included on the list and to be recognized for our exceptional performance in innovation, growth, management, and societal impact.

Our story

The history of our organization intrigues all of those who encounter us. Initially, Relative Insight was born out of a charity partnership between The University of Lancaster and Child Protection Services, and the need to keep British Children safe online.

Our founders developed a language analysis software to catch criminals masquerading as children online. The technology utilized comparative linguistics to identify the differences between children’s language and those pretending to be children in online chat rooms. Through comparison, the platform was able to isolate the differences in words, phrases, grammar, and punctuation used by older men impersonating children, that could never be spotted manually.

What we do today

Today, Relative Insight is a comparative-based text analytics company used by huge brands and agencies worldwide. We provide clients with powerful language insights across marketing, brand and digital, customer service and sales, and talent and internal comms.

By analyzing consumer language and brand messaging, we help our clients to genuinely engage with any desired target market. Our customers look to our technology to reveal a side of an audience that they never knew was there, and let them talk in their own voice, on their own terms. Thanks to our technology, our clients have been able to authentically engage with new audiences, streamline services and even create brand new products.

In fact, we’ve helped brands such as Sky, Nespresso and John Lewis understand how their customers really talk. And because our technology is getting smarter all the time (just like our customers), we’re able to expand into new markets.

We are growing!

Not only does our unique technology continue to attract renowned, established industry leaders, but we’re growing from a people perspective too. Despite coronavirus having a negative impact on almost every sector, we were able to expand our teams in London, New York and Lancaster. In 2020, we made over 20 new hires and the team is still growing.

If you’re interested in seeing the power of language analytics in action, head to our case studies archive which showcases a large range of use cases and how comparative analysis could transform your business.