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Why you need Relative Insight as part of your agency’s BI toolkit

A diverse BI toolkit is essential for agencies to fulfill their purpose. In using a variety of apps and SaaS platforms, agency teams can transform the way they work and ultimately exceed client expectations.

However, when looking to implement new tools, it’s often necessary to make tradeoffs that balance considerations of client needs, budget, scalability and usability. Relative Insight seamlessly fits into your agency’s processes to maximize the value of existing tools by squeezing more insights out of your language data. Here’s how…

Why Relative Insight isn’t just another tool in your BI toolkit

We built Relative Insight as a “do-it-all” text analytics platform that leverages language comparison to transform unstructured data into valuable business insights. It’s the tool that can help bring everything together in your agency. But you might be wondering: How?

Data agnostic

Firstly, the platform is data agnostic. This means you can export any language data from existing tools and upload it to Relative Insight. The Data Library is designed to be a hub for all of your existing language data, be it social media listening data, surveys or qualitative research.  


Secondly, what makes Relative Insight unique is our comparative approach to text analysis. The platform compares the language of two or more texts and highlights the statistically significant differences, similarities and frequencies between them. This process allows you to uncover interesting nuggets of information – unknown unknowns – for your clients, that would have been hard to spot through hypothesis-driven searching.

Comparisons are built by splitting your data based on associated meta data points such as age, time stamp or location. For example:

  • Demographic comparison – Under 30 vs Over 30
  • Campaign effectiveness – Pre-campaign vs Post-campaign
  • Geographical comparison – UK consumers vs American consumers
  • Brand comparison – Brand A mentions vs Brand B mentions

Your analysis will be more than just a generic sentiment score. You’ll be able to see the unique language used to discuss a specific topic, brand or product and how this has changed over time or across different demographics. Insights generated by Relative Insight are actionable. They support an authoritative understanding of customers, target audiences and brands that improve decision making across various facets of the organization.

Equipped with these linguistic insights, agencies can develop resonant campaigns that catapult clients into their audience’s world and maximize the value of (often limited) data assets.

How can we work with your existing tools in your BI toolkit?

Relative + Social media listening tools

e.g. Sprinklr, Brandwatch, Hootsuite

Social listening tools are an effective way of understanding what an audience is talking about. Using frequency analysis, they measure how much a word, phrase or topic is discussed, identifying emerging trends in the consumer discourse. However, they are less effective at helping you understand how things have changed over time or what makes a brand or audience unique. Because of this, they are limited in their ability to drive valuable business insights.

Relative Insight turns social listening data into a strategic asset. We can help you create compelling content, build a distinct brand identity, integrate competitive intelligence in decision making and participate authentically in public conversations. By layering our technology on top of social listening data, you can perform advanced analysis that helps you tap into the true value of text data.

Relative + Survey tools

e.g. Survey monkey, Qualtrics

Survey data and open-ends are invaluable for understanding the minds of your consumer. However, agencies often lack the resources to analyze responses effectively, and the process is typically slow, expensive and inaccurate. Because of this, open-ended survey results remain underutilized.

Enter Relative Insight! Our platform is a speedy, efficient way of analyzing data at scale. The software uses natural language processing algorithms to provide an effective solution for analyzing millions of words without having to read them. It enables you to conduct robust analysis on large volumes of survey data. We generate actionable insights around products, brand reputation, consumer attitudes and needs.

Relative + Traditional media monitoring tools

e.g. Meltwater, Signal

Media monitoring tools help you keep a pulse on press coverage around a particular topic, product, brand, competitor or industry. The majority of providers enable you to monitor conversations across digital news, print, broadcast and blogs. However, beyond alerting customers to media mentions these platforms often fail to provide a deeper level of analysis. Nor do insights drive action.

This is where Relative Insight fits in. The platform allows you to analyze media coverage systematically. Through comparison, you can better understand what is being said in the news and precisely how media outlets are talking. This ensures PR professionals don’t miss a beat when it comes to the constantly changing news cycle, helping agencies to keep up with the times.

The use cases for Relative Insight are as wide as your imagination. Whatever the makeup of your agency’s BI toolkit, remember that Relative Insight can analyze data from any language asset. From social media to surveys, reviews and customer service transcripts – the possibilities are endless!

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