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And … cut! A competitor comparison of streaming services to analyse why people cancel

And … cut! A competitor comparison of streaming services to analyze why people cancel

30 Sep 2022
diverse image

How do reviews of TV shows with diverse casting compare to those without? 

12 Apr 2022
F1 car

Analyzing fan reactions to Netflix’s F1: Drive to Survive

17 Mar 2022

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: Understanding competitors in the entertainment space

26 Jan 2022

Spider-Man: No Way Home audience analysis

19 Jan 2022
film awards

Golden Globes 2022: Audience insights analysis

17 Jan 2022

Watch on-demand: Let me entertain you! Who the hell are your viewers, players & fans anyway?

05 Jan 2022

How fashion TV trends impact purchasing behaviors

16 Nov 2021

Analyzing US and UK audience reactions to No Time To Die

15 Oct 2021

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