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Watch on-demand: Let me entertain you! Who the hell are your viewers, players & fans anyway?

The word audience originates from the Latin audientia, which is the action of hearing or listening – however, when we think of audiences now we think in terms of engagement, and resonance. A modern audience no longer listens, they no longer simply watch – rather, they ‘engage with your content’.

And creating engaging content has become the north star of commercial success; brands, businesses, organizations, influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers and so on, must all know who their audiences are if they are to engage with them, and they must know what’s important to them if they are to resonate with them.

But that’s hardly showbiz is it? Resonating with your audience is hardly as exciting as entertaining them, thrilling them and delighting them, even if the premise is exactly the same – and so for this Spotlight Series webinar, we explored exactly that.

Hosted by Relative Insight’s Natalie Jones, and with guests – Simon Williams from the Royal Opera House, and Angelina Iturrian from Self Esteem Brands we delved into the glamorous world of text analytics to show how media, broadcast, entertainment and gym & leisure brands can use and analyze a whole host of different data sources to get under the skin of their audiences.

During the session, Natalie presented two case studies that were conducted using Relative Insight – firstly she demonstrated how by analyzing forum threads that discussed Netflix and Amazon Prime’s original content offering, decisions about why audiences chose to watch one over another became clear.

She also showcased a sophisticated means of audience research that analyzed discussions from three distinct groups of movie-goers to see why each was compelled to see Spider-Man: No Way Home. The distinct differences in these motivations hold the key of how to delight and excite them.

Simon then explained how a beloved and historical institute as the Opera House is diversifying its offering to delight and excite a new generation of opera lovers, whilst making sure it remains true to its roots and not risk alienating traditional audiences.

Angelina discussed the challenges of communicating successfully with various tribes of captivated gym goers, who are all motivated to work out, but for very different reasons. She highlighted the importance of linguistic nuance – where sometimes all it takes to change a brand aesthetic, is to change one word

Session content pack: