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green sweets

Understanding consumer opinions towards HFSS products & advertising

18 Jun 2021

How has the discussion about flexitarian diets changed?

07 Jun 2021
friends logo

Analyzing fan reactions to ‘Friends: The Reunion’

27 May 2021

Elon Musk, Tesla and the rise-and-fall of Bitcoin

20 May 2021
image of green travel suitcase

Brits vs. Americans: analyzing opinions about international travel

19 May 2021

How has pandemic dating impacted our love lives?

10 May 2021

Are you cheugy? Analyzing what it means to be outdated

07 May 2021
Image of polling station sign for local elections

Local elections: Understanding how British voters speak

05 May 2021

How do Americans and Brits talk about smoking weed?

20 Apr 2021

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