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Watch on-demand: Are you passing the vibe check?

In this Spotlight Series webinar, we sought to understand generation Z on a deeper level with analysis to show what brands must know in order to pass the vibe check.

Hosted by Liv Metcalf, Relative Insight’s resident DJ by night and account manager by day, the webinar featured special guests, Lainie Fertick and Kellan Asbach from iHeartMedia – America’s biggest audio network, and Lenka Forrest from University College Cork.

During the event, we unveiled the findings of Relative Insight’s gen Z global report, and our speakers discussed the process of adapting brand messaging to suit the tastes of younger consumers and students – and finding the right words to do so.

Relative Insight’s Global Gen Z Report

At Relative Insight, we wanted to work outside of the old cliches, so we ran some research surveying hundreds of millennial and gen Z respondents from across the world. We asked them long, open-ended questions about their opinions on social media, brand loyalty, consumerism, sustainability, activism, and whether they think this – 😂 really is over.

We compared responses from the two demographics and were able to uncover fascinating insights about how each view themselves and the world around them – and these insights are crucial for any brand or agency needing to crack the enigmatic generation Z – access the report here.

Hitting The Right Notes With Gen Z Students

Gen Z are undeniably the doers. They know they have to graft to get to where they want to be. The importance of striking the perfect balance between being informative and being inclusive in student comms cannot be overstated. Getting it ‘right’ in their Undergraduate Prospectus was a vital consideration for University College Cork.

Lenka demonstrated the importance of the written word in prospective student communication, and how using language comparison helped UCC transform their approach and craft personalised communications that were more positive, direct and informal.

Keeping In Tune With Gen Z Listeners

Connecting with listeners over the pandemic has been key for iHeartMedia, who specifically wanted to understand audiences in different life stages. Using online survey data from thousands of participants over the last year, iHeartMedia has been utilising comparative text analysis software to identify the differences in needs and wants between Gen Z and millennial listeners.

While both generations have a desire to be entertained, informed and connected, the difference between the two is in the details of content. iHeartMedia shared their incredible insights into how they have adapted daily on-air programming to better match the ever-evolving listener.

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