Spotlight Series webinar: Are you passing the vibe check?

Generation Z – those born between 1997 and 2012 are the first group of consumers born connected to the internet. They don’t know what it’s like to live without a smartphone, WiFi or social networks – and their perception of brands, and how brands should behave (this in itself is an anomaly) is different to previous generations.

Members of this post-millennial generation are ferocious and passionate – they care deeply about social responsibility and sustainability, and they pay less attention to TV, print media and the traditional radio.

In order to stay relevant, brands have to actively decide to keep up, in order to pass the vibe check. Not only must they understand how Gen Z talk, but where they talk. Once they’ve done this, brands must decide how they can authentically contribute to the conversation.

Hosted by Liv Metcalf on April 22, Relative Insight’s resident DJ by night and account manager by day, this webinar will feature Lainie Fertick and Kellan Asbach from iHeartMedia, America’s biggest audio network – who will explain how they adapted their content strategy to suit the tastes of their youngest consumers, and Lenka Forrest from University College Cork, who will demonstrate how language comparison played an important part in student comms.


Do Gen Zs really hate emojis, Facebook and fast fashion? 
Liv will present the results of Relative Insight’s global Gen Z brand report, which surveyed hundreds of people with questions on their opinions about social media, brand loyalty, sustainability, activism, and whether they think this – 😂 really is over. The findings will demonstrate how useful open-ended data is – how easy it is to analyse, and will arm you with powerful insights on the mystery generation.

Hitting the right notes with Gen Z students 
Being able to strike the perfect balance between being informative, and being inclusive in student comms cannot be overstated enough, and getting it ‘write’ in their university annual Undergraduate Prospectus was a key consideration for University College Cork.  In this session, Lenka Forrest will demonstrate the importance of the written word in prospective student communication, and will show how language comparison methodology helped UCC to do just that.

Keeping in tune with Gen Z listeners
Using online survey data from thousands of participants over the last year, Critical Mass Media has been using comparative analysis software to identify the differences in needs and wants between Gen Z and Millennial listeners. Using that information, iHeartMedia have incredible insight into how they can adapt daily on-air programming content to better match the ever-evolving listener, and Lainie and Kellan will divulge some of these secrets.

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