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audience comparison

Target audience insight into gaming and workout supplement discussions

Audience insight: Gaming vs. workout supplement consumers

01 Aug 2022
Using consumer analytics to understand how Aldi and Waitrose customers discuss Prosecco

Understanding Aldi and Waitrose customer prosecco reviews

19 Jul 2022
Looking at different Glastonbury Festival 2022 audience segments

Glastonbury Festival: How different audience segments change their tune

11 Jul 2022
Text analysis of audience reactions to Love Island fashion/Love Island clothing

From #ISIF to eBay: Analyzing audience reactions to Love Island’s fashion partnership

10 Jun 2022

Spider-Man: No Way Home audience analysis

19 Jan 2022

Comparing pre-launch gamer conversation: Battlefield 2042 vs Call of Duty Vanguard

27 Oct 2021
alcoholic drink

The perfect tipple: tracking alcohol trends through social media text analysis

16 Sep 2021

Are you a dog or cat person? An example of audience research

08 Apr 2021

Should we trust critics’ movie reviews?

31 Mar 2021

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