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Tracking stadium experience improvements through Allegiant Stadium reviews

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Sin City has become synonymous with entertainment, however, that traditionally hasn’t included sport. This is changing, with a new, permanent F1 street race just one of many sporting events pivoting to Las Vegas. And, judging by Allegiant Stadium reviews, the strip is becoming a great place to watch sports on a regular basis.

This weekend sees the world’s premier entertainment destination host one of the world’s most iconic sporting events — the Super Bowl. As the festival of football descends on Allegiant Stadium, a cohort of new supporters will experience the venue nicknamed the ‘Death Star’ thanks to its futuristic architecture.

The venue has received predominantly high-scoring Google reviews, however, the strength of its location is also a potential vulnerability. With Sin City tourists and nearby residents blessed with a vast choice of things to do, only a world class stadium experience will keep fans flocking long term.

Its guest experience team will be mining various sources of feedback to address fans’ complaints. This will include post-event surveys, but also reviews on external sites. Often, guests will offer more authentic feedback on external platforms, rather than in forums provided by event organizers.

To demonstrate how, Relative Insight used its text analytics software to identify and track key themes that featured in two years worth of Allegiant Stadium reviews on Google. This analysis highlighted how to improve stadium experience, and whether the guest experience team had addressed issues fans raised.

Allegiant Stadium parking and transit troubles

With the venue only opening to full capacity in 2021, getting to and from the arena is still a fact-finding process for both attendees and organizers. This manifested itself in 2022 reviews, with many guests complaining about Allegiant Stadium parking.

Complaints focused on two areas — accessibility and price. In particular, fans’ Allegiant Stadium reviews centered on difficulty from getting away from the venue after an event. This went hand-in-hand with the price: many thought a better experience should be on offer given the cost of parking.

Would have given a 5-star rating but their parking is terrible. At the end, cars couldn’t leave because people were blocking all the parking lots. They need to work on this!

What was bad was the parking lot having no attendees to have a good flow out. It was insane and so unprofessional. We paid $100 to park and were left leaving our awesome event with high stress because of the lack of management having any foresight!

A graph showing declining complaints about Allegiant Stadium parking.

As you can see from the Heartbeat chart, getting to and from the stadium – mostly relating to parking – were key complaints in fall 2022. The decrease shows that the stadium experience team addressed the issue heading into 2023.

While there is a small rise in conversations referencing the subject in fall 2023, this relates more to price, which remained the same, or even offered praise for the number of available parking spaces.

Parking around the area can get expensive so be prepared to pay or walk.

Really nice stadium. Tons of parking around and across the street.

Audio impacts stadium experience

Relative Insight’s tool also surfaced guest unhappiness with audio in Allegiant Stadium reviews. Fans used words such as ‘echoes’ and ‘reverberate’ to describe the stadium’s sound system. However, analyzing these complaints over time demonstrates that the venue has partially solved this problem.

The Heartbeat chart visualizes two spikes in complaints about the stadium sound system. The first spike shows complaints about audio across a range of events at the venue. These include complaints about concert and in-event music, as well as an inaudible public address system.

My only complaint is the sound system inside. Lots of echoing. Difficult to tell what the person is saying on the PA system.

In Block 339, the stadium looks very nice but the sound for a concert is absolutely terrible. We could not understand one word when the pre-band was playing because the sound echoes so much. My son was close to breaking out in tears and I was upset because we spent a lot of money for this trip.

Given this type of feedback, it’s clear the stadium prioritized upgrading its audio system. This had an initial positive impact, illustrated by the fall in the chart. Unfortunately, as the venue began to host more concerts, audio complaints returned.

Love the stadium, hate the sound during concerts though. How did they build this without any thought or engineering into concert sound quality, knowing they would have so many concerts here??

This feedback highlights that the venue needs to improve the sound system further to enhance stadium experience for concerts.

Visualizing customer feedback over a prolonged period also highlights the cyclical nature of some issues. With Las Vegas situated squarely in the Mojave Desert, heat issues in summer negatively impact fans’ stadium experience.

While this isn’t surprising, the Heartbeat chart shows that this issue worsened in 2023. Digging into verbatims highlighted the reason for guest complaints.

In Allegiant Stadium reviews, event attendees were complimentary about the stadium air conditioning. Where heat became a problem was from fans waiting outside the stadium before an event.

Fans discussed themselves or others ‘passing out’ while waiting in line outside the venue. They also complained about ‘poor communication’ surround gate opening times, causing people to stand in line for hours in the heat.

Everyone was stuck outside in 103 degree heat and no shade. Tickets said gates opened at 4:30, but they didn’t open them until 5:15 for a 6:00 concert. Zero communication from Allegiant or their staff on what was going on.

Elderly and disabled people falling to the ground from the heat and Spencer, the safe supervisor, rolling his eyes when we asked for wheelchairs and waters. ‘Buy some water,’ he said, as these people were throwing up and passing out.

As summer 2024 rolls around, the stadium experience team must address issues with guests waiting in heat. Analyzing Allegiant Stadium reviews also suggests staff should be trained to better deal with fans waiting in hot weather.

Allegiant Stadium reviews analysis shows resolved and unresolved issues

Analyzing and visualizing Allegiant Stadium reviews demonstrates how the venue can improve stadium experience for fans. Tracking these themes over time illustrates recurring or cyclical issues, as well as identifying when fans no longer raise particular concerns.

In this example, it’s clear that Allegiant Stadium has taken action to improve getting to and from the stadium, particularly when it comes to parking. The venue has also made improvements to its sound system, but visualizing this theme over time shows that it is not fully resolved.

Waiting in summer heat is a cyclical problem that’s becoming a greater concern for fans. With attendees passing out in line during summer 2023, stadium staff need to take remedial action to address this inevitable challenge in summer 2024.

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