Webinar panel: text analytics and the future of business intelligence

The past decade has seen explosive growth in demand for data scientists, business analysts, in-house researchers and related roles. This growth is inextricably linked to businesses recognising the importance of data-driven decision making and investing in in-house analytics functions. But what will the future of business intelligence look like?

As analytics functions mature, there are a multitude of challenges facing analytics and insight leaders. These include:

  • Transitioning from analytics for reporting to analytics for decision-making at all levels of organisations
  • Bridging the gap between analysis and business strategy to ensure the delivery of business relevant, actionable insights
  • Harnessing growing volumes of relevant open-sourced data and incorporating it into business intelligence processes
  • Moving from ad-hoc to ‘always on’ market, competitor and customer intelligence
  • Filling capabilities gaps in current tech stacks

Join us for our next Relatively Speaking webinar event on October 20, 2021. Relative Insight CEO Ben Hookway will moderate a panel of industry and agency experts for a discussion of the current challenges and opportunities for innovation in business analytics and what the future of business intelligence might look like.

Interested but can’t make it? Register anyway and we’ll send around a recording of the session following the event.

Meet our panel of business intelligence leaders

Our expert panelists are leaders in their respective fields and bring a wealth of experience from their careers in industry and agency. Join us on October 20 as they share their unique perspectives on the future of business intelligence.

Miriam Vizvary – Director of Applied Analytics, Sky

Based in London, Miriam brings two decades of experience as a data leader in the insurance and telecommunications industries. She has been recognised by DataIQ on their 2020 list of Most Influential Data Leaders and as a finalist for 2018 Data Leader of the Year at the Women in IT Awards. Miriam also serves as an advisor to Google and Fractal.

Mike Van Wyk – VP Customer Insights, Capital Group

Joining us from sunny Los Angeles, Mike has over 20 years of industry experience and has been with Capital Group since 2015. Prior to joining Capital, Mike was director of global strategy development and advanced research methods at Procter & Gamble.

Meghan Phillips – Executive Director, Data & Marketing Sciences, R/GA

Meghan works at the intersection of analytics, market intelligence, research, and technology to drive marketing strategy. Prior to taking on her current role, Meghan served as Group Director of Marketing Sciences at R/GA in New York City where her clients included major Fortune 500 companies including Samsung, American Express and Johnson & Johnson.

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