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LIVE EVENT: Text Summit 2022

Join us for whole day dedicated to text analytics – this event is the opportunity to reimagine qual data analysis techniques, and talk seriously about unstructured data

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Don’t miss a beat

Tracking provides insight into important changes and trends that may have gone unnoticed, this event discusses best practices to ensuring actionable insights.

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Who the hell are your audience anyway?

Resonating is hardly as exciting as entertaining, or delighting an audience, even if the premise is exactly the same – this webinar investigates how to do both.

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Know thy enemy: the art of competitor intelligence

Most of us have a good idea about who our competitors are, but do we really know what our actual customers think, and how our target market differentiates us?

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Emergence & divergence of the lexicon of wellness

Only during the last decade have conversations around mental health and wellness moved from secretive whispers, to forthright and open dialogue – find out what we discussed.

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Are you passing the vibe check?

Gen Zs consume branded content completely differently from any generation before them – see how brands can pass the vibe check in order to resonate with this audience.

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Tracking sustainability vernacular

From packaging, to divesting from fossil fuels and avoiding being labeled a greenwasher, this session discussed key questions to help brands and agencies shape new approaches to sustainability.

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Text analytics and the future of business intelligence

Join our expert panel as we explore the multitude of challenges facing analytics and insight leaders and the role text analytics can play.

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Making your data work hard for you

Learn how Relative Insight helps to maximise the value you can get from a single data asset.

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