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Tracking sustainability vernacular

From packaging, to divesting from fossil fuels and avoiding being labeled a greenwasher, this session will answer key questions to help brands and agencies shape new approaches to sustainability.

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Are you passing the vibe check?

Gen Zs consume branded content completely differently from any generation before them – see how brands can pass the vibe check in order to resonate with this audience.

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Are you a lion or gazelle?

This agency-special looks at sophisticated methods that lion and gazelle agencies use to navigate a complicated, and ever-shifting landscape.

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In with the new!

Join us as we launch the next generation of Relative Insight and give a preview of what’s to come.

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Supercharge your social data

Social data is the future of market research. Learn how Relative Insight can help you tap into its full potential.

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Making your data work hard for you

Learn how Relative Insight helps to maximise the value you can get from a single data asset.

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