Spotlight Series Webinar: Sustainability – tracking the ever-changing vernacular

As public expectations and increasing regulation continue to boost the importance of environmental issues, brands must adopt socially conscious practices and learn to effectively and authentically tailor their sustainability communications to consumers. 

It’s important that businesses carefully articulate what they are doing on the sustainability front. And more importantly, why. But we know that this can be complicated; and that there is a constant challenge to keep up with the evolving conversation.

With the development of new language comes the need for business to understand their role in sustainability and how they communicate their response. As consumers continue to become a driving force in the push for a more sustainable society, brands must ensure that they are not simply paying lip service.

Join us Wednesday, June 30 at 4:00 pm BST / 11:00 am EDT for our next Spotlight Series webinar “Sustainability: Tracking the ever-changing vernacular”.

Relative Insight CRO, James Cuthbertson will host a panel of founding experts from the Shelton Group, The Social Intelligence Lab, and Future-Fit Foundation to talk about the fact that we’re now living in a time when having no opinion on sustainability is often more damaging for a brand or business than having the wrong opinion.

The panel will discuss how increasingly important it is to be aware of the language businesses use regarding sustainability, and the shift in perceptions about what companies are being expected to do – and how brands should articulate their individual stands. They will talk about how ‘compliance’ is no longer enough, what a ‘good’ response to an issue looks like, and how to contend with very well-educated consumers who will drop your brand like a stone if they disagree with your approach.

Then, Jessica Long will present findings from Ipsos MORI‘s Perils Of Perception report and text analysis research that reveals the discrepancy in how people say they care more about the planet than ever before, but their actual behaviour hasn’t changed. She’ll discuss the ‘believetrue‘ gap – which is the difference between perception and reality around sustainability, and what government, brands and organisations need to do next.

Register now to learn how your brand or agency can successfully target eco-conscious audiences, and to answer the following questions:

  • How is the conversation around sustainability evolving both from a consumer and brand perspective?
  • What are the implications of increased consumer attention to environmental issues for brands and marketers?
  • How should brands tailor their sustainability communications to authentically cultivate consumer trust?

Can’t make it? Sign up anyway, and we’ll send you a link to the recorded on-demand webinar. See you there!