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Relative Insight’s technology helps marketing insights professionals and brand specialists like you extract more value out of the text data you’ve already got.

By utilising a comparative approach, our platform helps you to generate rich audience insights quickly and at scale. This adds sophistication and science to your qualitative analysis.

Equipped with unique marketing insights, brands can develop sharper communications, better brand positioning and more resonant campaigns.

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Surveys & interviews

Supercharge your open-ended analysis using comparative analysis technology.

Our platform will help you decipher and embrace your unstructured data and reduce the time it takes to analyse.

This same approach can be used to analyse other primary research transcripts including videos, interviews and focus groups – you’re sitting on a data goldmine!

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Social & forums

There is a big old world of social media data that’s full of audience insights, but comparison is the key to unlocking its true value. Forget boring old sentiment analysis and dive deeper into the organic conversations of your consumers.

Beyond social, forums are a rich source of consumer and marketing insights – there’s a forum for just about anything! The beauty of forum discussions is that they evolve naturally and include a great level of detail around a given topic.

Feed your social listening and forum data into Relative Insight and see how comparison can reveal insights that word clouds simply cannot.

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Reviews & website copy

We’re all familiar with the impact of a good or bad review – but have you considered how comparing review data could transform your marketing communications strategy?

Analysing review data can produce audience insights that shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of your products, services and brand and those of your competitors.

Similarly, think about website copy. Relative Insight enables you to compare your brand messaging against competitors, revealing points of differentiation and similarity that can help you define and articulate your position in the market.

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Relative Insight has been instrumental in helping us investigate the way in which people use figurative language to talk about the different aspects of life and brands, and to identify what’s most prevalent and important to them.
Gideon Wilkins
Head of Research
McCann London
In a data-rich age it’s not just about big data, it’s about better data which is what Relative helps distil. The insights have been invaluable to create strategies based around enhancing customer relevancy, advocacy and loyalty.
Susie White
Marketing Director
James Villa Holidays