HR & Internal Comms

Relative Insight dashboard with employee experience projects displayed

Through our comparative approach to text analysis, Relative Insight helps HR professionals discover important employee experience insights that support the creation of a better workplace for current and prospective employees.

By analysing feedback from employee engagement surveys, exit interviews, and company review sites, our platform will give you fascinating insights into what makes them tick – helping you to attract, engage and retain people within your organisation.

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Employee engagement surveys

Understanding how employees view your organisation is crucial for shaping company culture, building employee relations, retaining talent and creating change.

By analysing open-end responses from employee engagement surveys, questionnaires and exit interview transcripts, Relative Insight can help you identify gaps in the employee experience and inform how to fix them.

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employee review site illustration

Employer review sites & social media

Analysing the way your employer brand is discussed externally is significant to the commercial success of your business.

Understanding what people are saying about your company and the employee experience will help you design people-focused policies, as well identifying potential training and learning requirements for employees.

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job search illustration

Job boards & recruitment websites

By comparing the language used by your competitors on job boards and recruitment websites, you’ll get an unbiased view of how you stack up in your industry.

Being able to benchmark yourself in this way gives you a unique insight into how potential candidates view you and can help you attract and retain top talent.

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