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Watch on-demand: Has coronavirus stolen Christmas?

There is a certain irony that for most us who have a very ‘established way of doing Christmas’, where we go to the same parties, have the same Christmas Eve drinks in the same pub that we’ve been going to for years.

We then have the same arguments on Christmas day with same people, about the same things – that this year, for once – it’s going to be extremely different.


In the last Relative Insight Spotlight Series webinar of 2020, guests from GlobalHarte Hanks and Lab Group discussed, how – by using text analysis methodology – they tracked conversations, which then led to the analysis of consumer behaviour during the run-up to Christmas – and the whole session is available to watch on-demand.

Our speakers – Gretchen Ramsey, Sarah Gale and Max Wiggins showcased some key insights about what has been different this year. And we saw a lot.


From the fact that because Christmas decorations went up remarkably early, there was a change in how people talked about it – and it was defiant. Early-decorators saw themselves as unashamed rule-breakers and renegades – interesting in a time when freedom has been restricted by strict government guidelines and laws.

We also heard about how people are talking differently this year about shopping for Christmas presents – and how consumer brands and media have to reposition their messaging to a new “shop local” mindset.

And then there is Christmas music! In a year where we haven’t been to shops, and parties and bars and offices to hear Christmas music being blared out non-stop, has our reaction changed when we do hear Fairytale of New York and All I want For Christmas? And this one is very surprising, but yes it has…