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Uncovering insights through the combined power of AI platforms

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Relative Insight’s latest Spotlight Series webinar explored the fascinating insights you can uncover when pooling the power of two AI platforms.

Patrick Gorman, Founder and CEO of PersonaPanels, and James Cuthbertson, CRO at Relative Insight, talked about how you can understand demographic behavior in even more detail using a combination of Synthetic Respondents and text analytics.

To open the session, Patrick explained what Synthetic Respondents are and outlined how these AI-powered personas absorb knowledge every day. James then demonstrated Heartbeat by PersonaPanels – a new product which utilizes Synthetic Respondents to visualize how demographics’ views on different themes and trends change over time.

You can get a taste of the webinar by viewing our short summary below. If you’re interested in seeing the whole session, you can watch it on-demand by clicking the banner.

What is a Synthetic Respondent?

The evolution of AI and machine learning has made Synthetic Respondents a reality. This technology takes data and tailors it to represent different demographic groups. This can be as broad as gen Z or millennials, or be narrowed down to account for more specific audience segments.

Synthetic Respondents do this by ‘reading’ and scoring articles from trusted news sources on a daily basis. Each persona will score the same article differently depending on its programming, as Patrick explains:

“Take an article about how to keep your children healthy through the pandemic. We have a segment that we built that are moms with children. Obviously, that article will get a very high score from this segment. At the same time we have a Synthetic Respondent that’s a group of retired men – it would give it a low score, as this demographic won’t be that interested in it.”

If a Synthetic Respondent scores an article highly, it assimilates the information into its programming. This means that a Synthetic Respondent’s knowledge about different themes and trends evolves in the same way as a human.

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How both AI platforms work together

After Patrick detailed how Synthetic Respondents work, James demonstrated how they combine with Relative Insight’s text analytics software to uncover powerful audience insights.

By integrating different segments into Relative Insight Heartbeat, James showed how to track trending themes among these demographics. Using a gen Z segment, Heartbeat by PersonaPanels visualized how this demographic discussed themes around relationships, men’s health, women’s health and travel over several months.

However, James emphasized that the platform wasn’t limited to certain segments and themes:

“It’s completely flexible, based on your use case and what you’re interested in. The data supplied by PersonaPanels is completely malleable – so while we’re looking at gen Z here it could be retirees or a particular brand community, you name it. Once that data’s flowing in you can overlay different lenses to look at what’s happening in the data.”

Once you’ve identified trends or spikes worthy of further investigation, James showed how to perform additional analysis by using Relative Insight Explore.

Want to find out more about Heartbeat by PersonaPanels? Speak to one of our experts to see how you can extract insights using the tool.

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