The State of Sustainability

Over the past decade, we have witnessed a rapid shift in consumer awareness and demand for companies to operate more sustainably. Consumers are increasingly conscious and concerned about issues of social, environmental, and economic impact.

For brands and agencies, it is not enough to simply adopt sustainable practices; they must engage in genuine dialogue with their audience, communicating sustainability commitments in an authentic way.

Relative Insight’s technology allows organisations to make smarter, more informed decisions when communicating sustainability goals. We compiled The State of Sustainability Report to dig deeper into the language surrounding sustainability, asking five key questions:

  1. How has the academic conversation around climate evolved over the past ten years?
  2. What impact has Greta Thunberg had on raising awareness for climate change?
  3. How do the US coasts talk about #PlasticPollution compared to non-coastal regions?
  4. How do two fashion brands communicate their sustainability commitments?
  5. How do different generations discuss zero waste?

This report highlights the importance of communication in sustainability and sustainable strategies, and how Relative Insight can help brands craft tailor messaging that is accurate and authentic, resonant and relevant.

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