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Relatively Speaking Webinar: supercharge your social data

In the most recent edition of our Relatively Speaking Webinar Series, we were joined by Mary Fox and Kaitlin Mikatarian from Sommer Consulting to showcase the full spectrum of what can be done with social listening data in Relative Insight.

Social data is the new frontier of market research. With huge volumes of data being created every day from a diverse cross-section of society, social data can help you understand audiences who would never consider participating in traditional focus groups. Beyond that, social provides a vast sea of organically generated content that helps to get at the core of how audiences think and feel in an unbiased way.

Relative Insight is not a social listening tool, but it can help you get the most from the social listening data you already have! From competitor benchmarking to campaign effectiveness and audience insights, our text analytics platform can help you get more value from your social listening data that goes beyond word clouds and sentiment analysis. Watch the webinar to find out how!

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