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Relatively Speaking Webinar: in with the new!

To commemorate the new year, we are kicking off 2021 with some exciting changes to Relative Insight. Over the past several months, our team has been hard at work developing a fresh new look for Relative Insight along with a host of new features.

In this edition of the Relatively Speaking Webinar Series, we are joined by Relative Insight CEO Ben Hookway, CTO Phil Greenwood and Head of Design Hedley Whewell to provide an overview of why we’ve made changes, what’s new and what it all means for you as a Relative Insight user.

Watch through to the end of the webinar for a preview of what’s planned for the rest of 2021 and beyond!

For more details on all the changes and new features rolling out on March 1st, check out our recent blog post.

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