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Enhanced insight customization and exports

Insight cards are collections of the most interesting, relevant and actionable things you discover in an analysis using Relative Insight.  They are also a great visual tool for sharing insights and recommendations with key stakeholders.

This week, we’ve introduced an enhanced suite of insight card design and export tools. With this latest update, we’re delivering greater flexibility and control over your insight cards so that you can tailor them for any purpose. From Powerpoint presentations to co-branded reports or a quick email – we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new…

Customising insight cards

When it comes to embedding insights into deliverables for clients and stakeholders, we know a one size fits all approach doesn’t quite cut it. To help you better adapt insight cards to your needs, we’ve introduced several new editing options:

  • Include company logos – incorporate your or your clients’ branding by including your logo on the insight card
  • Colour palette – select from a range of colours to better align insights cards with your (or your client’s) brand identity
  • Customise fonts – change the font used on insight cards to match the rest of your report or presentation
  • Add user avatars – put a face to the insight so stakeholders know who to contact for follow-up questions
  • Amend orientation – toggle between landscape and portrait modes to amend the format to fit in with your report or presentation
  • Toggle headers and footers on and off – enable or disable insight cards headers and footers to provide additional information about the insight and/or your organisation

To access these options within a project, simply select the export icon at the top of the insights screen.

Exporting insights

Previously, insight cards could be downloaded individually only as .png files. With this latest release, you can export insight cards in bulk as .png, .jpg or .svg (vector) files. The variety of export formats offers flexibility for integrating insight cards into the reports and presentations you prepare for your stakeholders.

Visit our Help Centre for a full step-by-step guide to using these new capabilities.

What else is new?

This is just the latest in a series of improvements to Relative Insight. Here are a few other articles to help you catch up on the latest and greatest in the platform.

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