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Relative Labs: Our community guidelines

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Welcome to Relative Labs, an online community dedicated to exploring the realm of text analytics. Here, you’ll find a wealth of content delving into topics such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, AI, and the latest trends and challenges in the industry. Our mission is to create a friendly and inclusive environment where members of all technical backgrounds can feel comfortable.

To ensure the continued safety and constructive nature of Relative Labs, we have implemented a moderation process. Our team regularly reviews comments to ensure they align with our community guidelines.

While we strive to maintain an open and inclusive atmosphere, we reserve the right to remove any comments that violate these guidelines, particularly those containing profane, discriminatory or hateful language.

As a member of Relative Labs, it’s important to familiarize yourself with our community guidelines. By participating in our forums, you agree to adhere to these rules. Please note that repeated violations may result in restrictions on your entry or participation.


  1. Stay on topic: Relative Labs is a community hub focused on the intricacies of the text analytics world, including NLP, machine learning, AI, and related topics. Keep your comments relevant to the published content and engage in meaningful discussions that contribute to the community’s knowledge and understanding.
  2. Be respectful: Treat others with respect and courtesy. Be mindful of the diversity of perspectives within our community and maintain a polite tone in your comments. Respect the opinions and experiences of others, even if you disagree with them.
  3. Constructive criticism: We encourage constructive criticism that fosters growth and improvement. If you have feedback or suggestions regarding the content or topics discussed, express them in a constructive manner. Avoid personal attacks or derogatory language when providing feedback.
  4. Be mindful of copyright: When sharing content, ensure you have the necessary rights or permissions to do so. Respect the intellectual property rights of others and refrain from posting copyrighted material without proper attribution or permission.

General rules of conduct:

  1. No profanity or offensive language: Maintain a professional and inclusive environment by refraining from using profanity, hate speech, or any form of offensive language. This includes slurs, discriminatory remarks, libelous statements, and personal attacks. Any comments containing this type of language will be immediately removed.
  2. No spamming or self-promotion: Avoid spamming the comment section or engaging in excessive self-promotion. Comments solely intended for advertising, solicitation, or promotion will be removed.
  3. Privacy and confidentiality: Respect the privacy of individuals and refrain from sharing personal information in the comment section. Do not disclose confidential or sensitive information that could violate privacy or legal guidelines.
  4. Be cautious with links: While sharing relevant resources is encouraged, exercise caution when sharing links in the comment section. Ensure that the links are safe, trustworthy, and relevant to the discussion.

Best practices:

  1. Engage in meaningful discussions: Participate actively in discussions by sharing thoughtful insights, asking questions, and providing valuable contributions. Engage with other community members in a constructive and informative manner.
  2. Be supportive and helpful: Foster a supportive environment by offering assistance and guidance to fellow community members. Share your knowledge and experiences to help others learn and grow.
  3. Read and follow community guidelines: Familiarize yourself with these community guidelines and ensure that your comments adhere to the established rules. By following the guidelines, you contribute to creating a positive and inclusive community experience.

Thank you for being a part of the Relative Labs community. Let’s foster a collaborative and enriching environment together!