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Diversity and Inclusion: starting an open conversation

How would you define diversity and inclusion? Whatever your definition, it will be unique.

The meaning of diversity and inclusion to each individual is shaped by their background and experiences – to truly understand how someone views diversity and inclusion, you need this context.

To help organisations understand what this context looks like for their employees, customers and audiences, we conducted a survey of 800 people consisting of 20 open-ended questions. We then used our text analytics software to examine the responses and find the differences in the language used by people of different ethnicities, genders, sexualities and those with disabilities.

The fascinating results of this analysis is included in our report, which examines:

  • The extent that people view diversity and inclusion through the prism of their lives
  • The distinct language used by privileged groups versus people with inbuilt societal disadvantages
  • What impact do brands, media and other cultural touchpoints have on people’s feelings about inclusivity and diversity

To discover how people from varying backgrounds are talking about this key issue, fill in your details and download the report now.