What we do

Relative Insight analyses any language asset to give transformative insights, meaning our customers can make smarter and more informed decisions across their business.

We believe that language and text data represents one of the biggest and most valuable – but often, most under-used sources of business value. It tells us why things happen, how people feel, and how best to engage with them.

It is however, messy, dispersed and generally tricky to analyse – so we approach it with our key principles in mind:

  • Comparison of language is key. The differences matter.
  • We can analyse language from any source. If it’s text, we analyse it.
  • Language is strategic data asset. Our customers store and combine language data for new insights continually, producing at minimum five times more value from the same data.

Comparing language, and understanding the differences is the fastest way to discover value in text data.

For example, finding out how people talk about your brand is interesting, but the difference between how they talk about you, and how they talk about your biggest competitor could be critical.

Now think about the difference between how they talk about you now compared to how they talked about you before any specific ad campaign? What has changed?

The key to comparison is data, and being able to analyse the content you already have – or what is readily available online.

Relative Insight is completely data-agnostic so we can work with, and layer on top of all your tools and systems where your language data lives. This means that we can organise and make all the data that you currently have work so much harder for you as well as automating and simplify processes.

We can analyse anything you’ve got, from open-ended survey results, to customer or employee reviews, we can compare language on your competitors’ websites and all the collateral that you produce.

We can compare anything where people talk about anything you care about. Encouraging clients to realise the potential, and then gain significant business value from the language data they have access to is at the core of what we do.

With this comparison capability applied to a diverse range on language data, our customers quickly build up valuable repositories of language data. We provide capability to combine, split, and reconstitute language data so it provides continual value.

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