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Join marquee sponsors Relative Insight at TMRE 2022

Join marquee sponsors Relative Insight at TMRE 2022

Relative Insight is thrilled to be marquee sponsors at this year’s The Market Research Event (AKA TMRE).

TMRE is the flagship annual gathering for advancing the business value of insights and consumer research. Relative Insight exists to help brands and agencies uncover insights from previously difficult-to-analyze text data. This crossover makes it a no brainer for us to shout loud and proud about the power of text analytics at the conference.

We’re bringing a strong presence to the three-day insights extravaganza in San Antonio – we’ll be there from the first minute on Monday 14 November through to the buzzer on Wednesday 16 November enjoying every second inbetween. Not only are we excited to be an integral part of the premier MR event in the calendar – you should be excited to join us. Here’s why.

Hear a different perspective on personas

Personas make the world go round. Operations in entire business functions are based on satisfying to carefully curated customer personas, such as marketing, sales, customer experience and other departments.

However, is pigeonholing people as particular personalities helping your company? While personas provide a great snapshot into your consumers, they don’t tell the whole story. There’s a way to add flesh and bone onto these skeletal structures.

In his keynote address, Relative Insight CEO Ben Hookway will highlight the treasure trove of data sources available to build understanding into existing and prospective customers. He’ll discuss how you can turn your persona portraits into panoramics – delivering targeted value to them and driving revenue for your business in the process.

Ben will be speaking on the main stage at 4:45pm on Monday.

You’re trippin’ if you miss our Tuesday talk

On Tuesday, it’s Relative Insight CRO James Cuthbertson’s turn to speak. Rather than purring about personas, James is going for something completely different – psychedelics.

We’re proud of our text analysis platform, to the point that we think it can analyze any text data. To prove it, we put it to the test with the most challenging data set we could think of – psychedelic trip reports.

We surveyed 4,000 people asking them to share their experiences taking psilocybin and LSD. Our trippers gave us responses amounting to five million words, which would be impossible to analyze manually. Our platform not only made short work of this data, it found intriguing insights from different demographic splits.

Join James on the Innovating Insights stage on Tuesday at 12:20pm as he takes a trip through text analytics. He’ll showcase how we were able to makes sense of this nonsensical text data and outline what we learned in the process. Far out!

Would you like to play a game?

If you’re going to TMRE, you won’t miss us. There’ll be a racket of Relatives at booth 712, dazzling delegates with our hot pink livery and tremendous text analytics.

Not only will you see some friendly faces and share captivating stories if you swing by our booth, we’ve also got a fun game for you to play. We’ve taken our psychedelics text data and turned it into a game. If you’ve ever wondered just how trippy you are, now’s your chance.

Intrigued? Come and #talkdatatous and we’ll tell you all about our trippy test and demonstrate the power of our text analysis platform. And if you can’t make it to our booth, find us in the bar afterwards!